At this moment I'm preparing to go back into the hospital to get an errant stone out of my left kidney. Which also includes getting the stents out of the ureta and urethra from said kidney to the release port. Once that is done I can expect my urine to go to clear yellow and my need to urinate to become much less.… More to come

My Understanding

My understanding is that Senator Bernie Sanders will be dropping out of the Presidential race. Because he's had a heart attack. Heart attacks are serious. Given that he had a blocked artery it's likely another will show up, and this one could kill him.… More to come

Such an Adventure

Just had a week in the hospital. This time around it turns out that Mercy in Hillcrest and the UCSD Medical Center were busy with  rash of flu cases, so I went to Sharp Memorial in Kearny Mesa. They learned that my heart was fibbing and going a tad too fast.… More to come