To My Surprise

Seems I'm supposed to get another operation on the 3rd of March. Dang. I'm going to be doing enough repairing of my corpus after this 18th of Feb. I'm going to need to recover from my recoveries.

Then I move back into my apartment, and I'd like to get a twin sized bed tent so I'll have something safe to sleep under. I don't need the fretting. But at least things are starting to look good.

I’m home, And I’m Bushed

At the moment I'm recovering from the operation, and my autism isn't helping any. I am anxious, I am frustrated, and I am fretting something awful.

But the good news is, I don't really have any pain. Oh, I have aches and twitches, but no real pain. Must be because I decided to accept any pain I got, as a result I am relaxed. Either that or I'm a mutant.

Of course I still have more work to get done. Seems they found a third kidney stone thats need to come out. Bastard was hiding behind the first two. So I go back in on the 16th of Feb. to prepare for an operation on the 18th. When that stone's out I can see about making a true recovery.

In other news Tamara has said she may make a donation to my scooter drive. Her contribution will be combined with what I can provide so I can get a good scooter. When I have it I'll be able to get around, and to visit people like Tamara and Roxanne. So I am getting good news on that front.

In addition to that I should be moving back into my apartment in Feb. That will make getting around a lot easier all by itself.

Now to chill and recover. 


Sorry, but right now I'm not feeling all that great. I'm woozy, I move too fast and my head starts to spin, and I really don't have the strength it'll take to walk to the nearest bus stop. Or the nearest grocery for that matter.

I do have an operation coming up on the 16th of this month, and that may make a world of difference, but still I'm going to need a scooter to help me get around. For this reason I'm presenting a donation button for donations to help me pay for a scooter.


Looking Ahead

On Monday my room gets cleaned up. I'll also be providing blood for testing at my clinic, after which I'll be going to the park to read while Roxane (my maid) tidies up the place. BTW, insurance is paying for her, which means you are paying part of it.

I've also start work again on the DJ SRD. Not much done as of yet, but thanks to a plugin I can do it on this platform.

And speaking of the SRD, I have a question. At present I'm thinking that should you either fail or succeed you would then roll a d10 to see if you got the maximum result or the minimum. One a "0" you would get the maximum, on a "1" a minimum. So a low roll would mean success, but the "1" on the follow up roll would mean you just barely succeeded. While a high roll would mean failure, and a follow up roll of "0" would mean a spectacular failure. How you handle this is entirely up to you.

That's it for this post.

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