The Good News Is

Got work down on my work, but now I’m bushed so I’m going to have to let it go until later today. After I get some business done that is. I’ve also run across an app that’s new to me. The app is Manuscript and it is a word processor for academics and book authors. […]

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Wiki Work

I’m working on the wiki again, and this time around I’ve done some work on the organization. Not all of it, but I do have a few things done. For you I now present what I have done in terms of the organization. Mythus Introduction What Mythus Is What Mythus isn’t The Player The Guide […]

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Back in the Office Chair Again

The fellow’s name is Ed Anderson. I know him through Facebook, but he doesn’t appear to have a web site of his own. Ed is the guy who has encouraged me to get back to work on the Dangerous Journeys SRD. At the moment I’m making progress on the Persona chapter, having gotten up to […]

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Much to My Surprise

I’m graduating from Areta Crowell. I’ll be talking with my case worker there, and when she says the word my case gets transferred to my primary care. This was a surprise. That is all.

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