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(158) “The Day Democracy Died” Sung by The Founding Fathers – YouTube

For they have roused a sleeping giant and filled him with a terrible resolve.

Go ahead and share, pass it on, and do it for your kids.

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I Post This Under Advice

Trump Urges China...is the story. In it our President reinforces my impression that he is not the most adroit of personalities. He is, in short, a social klutz with no understanding of what he is doing, or of why many of us keep getting on his case.… More to come

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The Good News Is

Soon, I do hope, my iMac will be arriving at my door. The bad news is, until it does arrive I'll be stuck using this piece of crap. I've got news for some people, your equipment don't need to be so dang sensitive.… More to come

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After reports circulated last week that President Donald Trump had pushed for a policy that would release undocumented immigrants into sanctuary cities, Trump appeared to attempt to put the policy in practice via Twitter on Monday.

Source: Trump attempts to enact plan that would send immigrants to sanctuary cities via Twitter

Why, thank you Mr.… More to come

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