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Trump’s visit to Walter Reed ‘not protocol’ for routine visit, source says

President Donald Trump's visit to Walter Reed on Saturday did not follow the protocol of a routine presidential medical exam, according to a person familiar with the matter.

Source: Trump's visit to Walter Reed 'not protocol' for routine visit, source says

The word I'm thinking here is "emergency", President Trump had an emergency which required him to go to the hospital. He got checked out and his problem was determined to be non-life threatening. But it is an indication that he is under stress, and that stress is causing him problems. And it's likely to get worse as events proceed.

To sum up, Donald Trump is in trouble, and having experienced what stress can do to one, I'm expecting a big announcement sometime in the near future.


Then Again

First of all I've gone back to using the Weaver Extreme theme. I'm just more comfortable with it. I'm also working on the Mythus manuscript again, having converted the PDF to an RTF. That allowing me to have a look at Gary's inept hand at composition. A great man indeed, and as with other great men his flaws were spectacular. Yet for all that there is still something about Mythus and Dangerous Journeys that makes me wonder just what this work could mean for us.

To put it another way, as escapist as it is Star Trek still portends much.

But then, I'm going through a meltdown right now and I need to chill. So I can't get too engaged in anything, which means I need to get engaged but in a manner that let's me focus on a matter and in the doing entertain myself.



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And That is

I can only conclude that I can't get CalFresh thanks to my autism because of the stress. I can't make it in the morning, only in the afternoon, and the county doesn't want to hear that.